Hungarian Horticulturalist

Codacide is kind to the User, the Crop and the Environment

Unlike other adjuvants that chemically modify spray solutions or invasively penetrate cuticular plant surfaces for improved uptake, Codacide - as a unique delivery mechanism - has no biological or chemical mode of action and therefore no phyto toxicity issues, and being organic, food grade and fully biodegradable is kind to the crop, the user and the environment. more

Codacide has been beneficially used on millions of hectares on most crops at most growth stages throughout most geographical and climatic zones of the world. Trials conducted throughout the world on a wide range of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and biologicals show the optimization of efficacy provided by Codacide on a diverse number of crops and targets. more

Codacide improves the consistency of spraying – assisting farmers to achieve more ideal spraying application, more of the time.  Codacide helps deal with less than ideal conditions – whether it be the quality of water used, too dry, too wet or too windy.  By improving consistency of results Codacide reduces the need for re-application and helps limit incidence of resistance. more
"Codacide is the only adjuvant I know that is able to improve delivery without interfering with the pesticide itself – so I don't have to worry about phytotox issues." Hungarian Horticulturalist.
Hungarian Horticulturalist.