Codacide is an organic natural oil adjuvant

Most pesticide and fertilizer sprayed on crops is wasted – either blown away as drift, washed off with rain or dew, evaporated, decomposed, or just simply fails to find, attach and stick to the plant or insect target. 

Codacide is an organic natural oil adjuvant that reduces this waste by limiting drift, improving adhesion, spread and uptake on target, and protects spray products from rain, dew, evaporation and sunlight whilst safeguarding their overall integrity. 

Codacides unique delivery system  improves spraying consistency and extends efficacy by replacing water as the spray products primary carrier. Now registered for sale in 36 countries. Codacide has been used on millions of hectares worldwide on most crops  and with most spray products  (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, biologicals, foliar applied nutrients and fertilizers).