Codacide Extends Efficacy

Codacide Extends Efficacy

Codacide Increases Adhesion and Retention: Codacide  is similar to the cuticular wax of the plant/insect target (both are triglycerides) which assists adhesion and retention. In addition, Codacide creates droplets of the optimum size and delivers them at the best velocity for ensuring the most effective deposition and density of droplets for improved adhesion and retention. more

Codacide Enhances Spreading and Coverage: Once on target, Codacide lowers the dynamic surface tension, and being an oil, spreads up to eight times more than water, significantly increasing the surface area available for product uptake, and providing a strong target / product interface. more

Codacide Improves Uptake and Optimizes Efficacy: By improving delivery (safeguarding integrity, reducing drift and target bounce, conferring rainfastness) and effective presentation to target (improved adhesion and retention, improved spread and coverage) Codacide facilitates improved uptake and extends efficacy of spray products.  more

"The best organic certified adjuvant hazard ratings whatsoever,...we use it to extend products for hard to kill targets." Dutch Floriculturist

The best organic certified adjuvant