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I. Codacide Oil’s
Delivery System:
Codacide Oil is a 95% natural vegetable oil (food grade Canola Oil) adjuvant formulated with a series
of plant based emulsifiers (5%).
When Codacide is pre-mixed with a plant protection product, the
emulsifiers latch on to the product, and when this is ad
ded to water in the spray tank, a “controlled
emulsion” is formed and it is this that is the key to Codacide’s unique efficiency as a carrier of the
plant protection product (PPP).
Many attributes of water make it inefficient as the primary
carrier of PPPs when spraying.
Water has a high surface
tension and is prone to shattering, resulting in large droplets
that are prone to bounce and run-off, or small droplets that
Target plants, insects and fungi have evolved over
millennia to repel water through waxy epicuticular surfaces,
reducing adhesion and retention of PPP deposits.
Impurities in
water, PH, and salinity can lead to PPP volatization, alkaline
hydrolysis, denaturing and neutralization of PPP actives.
On target, water does not protect PPP
deposits from further neutralization through evaporation, UV breakdown and photodecomposition.
Codacide Oil does not try to change these adverse spraying attributes of water, but rather removes
them from having such an an adverse affect on the efficacy of the spraying operation.
replaces water as the primary carrier of the PPP.
The pre-mixed controlled emulsion of Codacide
and PPP is then only added to water to provide volume.
In affect, the adverse spraying attributes of
water is removed from the spraying equation.
Codacide Oil is an improved delivery system that has
more in common with the development of new and improved spray nozzles or mechanical sprayers.
Whilst many adjuvants, surfactants and additives try to modify or change these particular adverse
physicochemical attributes of water, Codacide simply replaces it as the primary carrier of the PPP.
Codacide Oil does not change the chemical or biological mode of action of the PPP in any way.
As a
totally plant based vegetable oil product, and unlike mineral oils or Modified Seed Oils (MSOs),
Codacide’s action is
as a carrier and has no biological or chemical mode of action.
Rather than
trying to change water, Codacide replaces it and in doing so is able to address many of its negative
spraying attributes such as:
Reduce volatization, evaporation, UV breakdown and photodecomposition (refer section III)
Reduce drift (refer section IV)
Improve adhesion and retention (refer Section VI)
Enhance spreading and coverage (refer Section VII)
Confer rainfastness (refer section V)
Improve uptake and extend efficacy of herbicide, insecticide, fungicide and biological PPPs
(refer Section VIII)
These attributes of Codacide as the primary PPP carrier achieve two fundamental improvements to
the spraying operation.
Presents PPP deposits to the target in an optimal manner to ensure effective utilization.
Codacide’s key attribute is not to increase deposits
, but rather to increase their effective utilization
through optimal presentation.
Codacide assists minimalize the amount of PPP deposit that remain
unutilized on targets and also decreases the denaturing of their active ingredients.
Fig. 1: Metharizium spores with Codacide